The objective of the fund is to assist deserving Swazi citizens, who would otherwise not have access to specialist medical care, to secure such care either, within the Kingdom of Swaziland or, in special circumstances, outside the Kingdom of Swaziland”.
The committee set up for the referrals scrutinizes all requests for referrals and decide on the need for each referral and report on their progress
The Ministry of Health has strengthened the medical ambulance services for patients who are in need of specialized care services in the Republic of South Africa.

1. Supply Chain of services provided
The following procedures have to be undertaken before a patient is referred to South Africa for specialist treatment. 
Local clinician in clinic/hospital (Private/Public)

Referring Technical Team (MGH)

RSA Health Institution

Phalala Office

Local Clinician (Private/Public) Clinic/hospital

1. Phalala Office

  • The Phalala office books the patient with the respective hospital with the special care.
  • Prepares the patient by ensuring that the patient has all the necessary documents.
  • Patient is then taken to RSA health institution.
  • Constant liaison is done with the admitting hospital and Phalala Office e.g. information on treatment plan.
  • When discharged the office is responsible for his/her return.
  • The office ensures that the patient comes back with a report and necessary drugs.
  • The office keeps record of follow-up visits if necessary.
  • The office ensures facilitation of continuum of care that is though maintaining a clear supply chain as follows:

2. Required documents

  • Patients traveling document
  • Patients Medical Visa
  • Quotations from receiving hospital
  • Referral letter
  • Guarantee letter for payment
  • Appointment date
  • Name of hospital and doctor to attend patient

The type of transport Ambulance

  • The ambulance service will provide a medical and technical basic life support, with all the necessary equipment and drugs.
  • Quantum/mini bus, this will cater for stable patients and mostly the ones for review.

Staffing on board for both ambulance and minibus.

  • Driver
  • Nurse to provide care from departure to receiving hospital

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