The department is responsible for the implementation the borrowing plans and debt strategies, maintain debt information systems to provide consistent and reliable debt data, monitors project implementation, performance against set debt strategies and benchmarks.

Key Activities

  1. I. Establish the Debt Unit within MOF.
  2. II. Update both debt policy and legal framework.
  • III. Develop a policy for lending to agencies, Pes and (Local Government) LGs.
  1. IV. Develop Public Debt ManagementStrategy.
  2. V. Install and update CSDRMS – MOF site.
  3. VI. Produce regular reports on Public Debt.
  • VII. Train staff on DSA and DEMPA.
  • VIII. Compile all outstanding contingent liabilities.
  1. IX. Reconcile all debt service with Treasury.
  2. X. Department and CBS.
  3. XI. Survey and project LGs and SOE debt.
  • XII. Compile grants in CSDRMS with ACMS.

Director: Amstrong Dlamini

Physical Address: 

6th Floor

Ministry of Finance Building            

Postal Address: 
P.O. Box 443    

Telephone Number: (+268) 2404 8145/9

FAX Number: (+268) 2404 3187

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