The Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini, in anticipating significant economic and medical benefit from the legalization of cannabis for medical and scientific useis working on an enabling legislative environment for this purpose. This will be achieved by putting in place proper legislation and regulatory framework that will avoid the diversion of cannabis to the illicit market whilst safeguarding public health of the nation.

In accordance to the Opium and Habit forming drugs Act of 1922 the Minister for health is the only one mandated to issue a license to individuals for purposes of medicinal use or research. It is on this premise that the Ministry of Health has prepared regulations to this effect and is in the process of conducting consultations before sending it forward for the necessary approvals.

These regulations set forth conditions and requirements under which a license to deal in cannabis business will be issued, and how this kind of business will be monitored by the relevant authorities.

As an important stakeholder you are requested to review these regulations and make your input where relevant.

Download Eswatini Cannabis Regulations 2019

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