01 March 2019

The month of March will be a busy one for the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs and its four implementing organs.

The Eswatini Sport and Recreational Council (ESRC), Eswatini National Council of Arts and Culture (ENCAC), Eswatini National Youth Council (ENYC) and Youth Enterprise Revolving Fund (YERF) are the four implementing organs of the Ministry. The ENYC and Youth Fund fall under the Youth department of the Ministry while the ENCAC is housed under the Arts and Culture department and the ESRC under the Sports department.

In collaboration with the Ministry, the four enterprises have an exciting list of activities lined up for the new month.

Department of Sports: Sports Council

On the very last weekend of the month, the Eswatini Sport and Recreational Council (ESRC) will host the biannual National Sports Awards on the 30th to celebrate the country’s excelling athletes, administrators as well as sporting institutions.

The SMVAF Ingwenyama Cup final between Young Buffaloes and Mbabane Highlanders will also be played at Somhlolo National Stadium on the 17th, bringing down the curtain on a hugely exciting fourth edition. The men’s football senior national team Sihlangu will also travel to Tunisia to face their counterparts from that country in a 2019 AFCON qualifier on March 22.

The Capital City derby pitting Mbabane Highlanders and Mbabane Swallows will also be played on the 10th.

Key dates:

17 March 2019: SMVAF Ingwenyama Cup final

10 March 2019: Mbabane derby

22 March 2019: Tunisia vs Sihlangu

30 March 2019: National Sports Awards

Department of Arts and Culture: ENCAC

The Eswatini National Council of Arts and Culture (ENCAC) will also have a busy March, with Culture days the main theme throughout the month.

Mpofu High School hosted its Culture day today (01 March 2019) while Phonjwane and Galile High Schools will host theirs on the 13th and 23rd of March respectively.

The 2019 MTN Bushfire Festival will also be officially launched today at House on Fire while all eyes will also be on the various cultural groups when they fight it out for top honours in the finals of the SMVAF Ingwenyama Cup on the 17th.

Key dates:

01 March 2019: MTN Bushfire Festival Launch

13 March 2019: Phonjwane High School Culture day

17 March 2019: SMVAF Ingwenyama Cup Culture finals

28 March 2019: Galile High School Culture day

Department of Youth Affairs: ENYC & YERF

For the Eswatini National Youth Council (ENYC), the focus in March will be on the formation of Tinkhundla Youth Committees and further providing them with training. Consultations with various stakeholders on the review of the Youth policy which also take place during this month while there will also be an assessment of Youth Centres starting with the one in Lomahasha.

A rehabilitation of the Ludzeludze Youth Centre will also get underway in March.

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