King Mswati III listerning to the word of God                                  Mandvulo Praise team rendering a son at the End of year National Prayer

His Majesty King Mswati III and the Eswatini Nation held National End of Year Prayer services at Mandvulo Grand Hall in Lozitha Royal Palace on Sunday.

The National Prayer held under the theme “God is our Strength and Refuge” derived from Psalms 28:7 was attended by Members of the Royal Household, The Hounarable Prime Minister Madvulo Dlamini, Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku, Minister for Home Affairs Her Royal Highness Princess Lindiwe, other Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Chiefs, Emabandla, Members of Parliament, top Government Officials, Pastors and Emaswati. Speaking at the prayer service The King thanked Pastors for praying for the Monarch and the entire Eswatini Nation.


The Ingwenyama said what is impossible with men, is possible with God. He narrated on a passage in the Hold Bible where a 100 year old Abraham and 90 year old Sarah conceived and have a child. The whole world around, it is impossible for a 90 year old with a baby. Even Science cannot explain how this could happen but with God’s power, the impossible become possible. He urged Emaswati to come closer to God even in the midst of problems for this brings blessings. This is significant in that we are still united and peaceful as a nation even in the core of the country’s critical economic situation. This means God is with us, God is our refuge and that is why as a nation we are gathered here to thank him. The King added that it is important that as a Nation we must praise God because people that praise God receive miracles. They overcome challenges for what is impossible with men is possible with God.

The King also quoted a story where the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea. He said they did don’t know what they could do but eventually they crossed on dry ground. Those who walk with God shall never lack because He is their source when in dark and gloomy situation. The Ingwenyama said, the Israelites consulted with Moses who cried to God and he promptly responded. There is no mistake with God, he lead one in the right path “whatever red sea you need to cross, God is there with you. There is nothing impossible with God”.


The King urged brethren not to deviate from the truth because by doing so they would bring curses upon themselves. The King touched on Joan story who disobeyed God’s calling to go to Nineveh instead went to Tarshish. The ordeal hunted Joan until he repented and was thrown out of the Ship saving everyone on board and himself. The King said people of God stay on the truth. Where one is expected to tell the truth, fear not to tell it. The truth shall give life and success.

Earlier pastor Nhlanhla Hlatjwako of Lobamba Revival Centre read the scripture in I Kings 23:3-23 and urged Emaswati to speak the truth. He said the truth has eroded in families, workplace, and government as well as in churches. He warned of false prophecies as a result of lying spirits and the true prophets of God being labeled as liars. Nhlatjwako emphasized that once the truth that is found in the word of God prevails, the country shall stand strong. He ended by pleading to all Emaswati no to bury the truth “ningalingcwabi liciniso”.

Other pastors who blessed congregants are pastor E Sihlabela who read the scripture in the book of II Samuels 7:1 and told the nation to respect and honour the King for he is ordained by God. The president of the Eswatini National Association of Visual Impaired Persons Pastor N Mthethwa read from Psalms 126:3 and Philipians 4:13 and said it is great to have a King. Through the thanks giving prayer service, Emaswati unitedly give God a smile and shame the devil and appreciated God for leading the nation up to this far.


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