Today throngs oF Emabutfo from all Regions of the Kingdom of Eswatin arrive at Ludzidzini Royal Residence for the sacred annual Incwala Ceremony. The arrival of Emabutfu marks the beginning of the Little Incwala which is expected to last two weeks before the main Incwala. The Emabutfo are expected to join the King and Ingwenyama, Queen Mother, and Sigondlo in the dancing of the Incwala.



On one hand, His Majesty King Mswati III is expected to move with the Little Incwala to other Royal Residence; Ngabezweni, Mbangweni, and Buhleni where the King will be expected to commission Tingatja to go to Ngabezweni Royal Residence to prepare for the cutting of the sacred tree (Lusekwane).  On onother hand, Her Majesty the Indlovukazi (Queen Mother) is expected to remain and dance the little Incwala at Ludzidzini Royal Residence with Ludzidzini regiments, members of the Royal Family and the public.

Incwala Ceremony is one of Emaswati's important cultural event that has lasted for hundreds of years. The ceremony is about cleansing,  renewal and above all it is centred on the Kingship. 

Tourist interested in Eswatini culture are always welcomed. Though respect for privacy is required on different times. 


For media queries contact:

Mlandvo A. Dlamini
Ministerial Communications Officer
Ministry of Home Affairs
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