The Buganu (Marula) festival will be celebrated this weekend at Buhleni Royal Residence. This was announced by Indvuna yeLutsango Lontfombi Ndzimandze this afternoon at Ludzidzini Royal Residence.

The Lutsango regiment has been summoned by His Majesty King Mswati III for the Buganu ceremony to be held from Friday 07/02/2020 to Sunday 09/02/2020. According the leader of the Lutsango regiment, the women are expected to make their presentations at the Royal Residence on Friday with the main festivities, including singing and dancing on the second day (Saturday) beginning after lunch and on Sunday Lutsango regiment will disperse.

The Buganu ceremony is known among Emaswati as the celebration of the ‘first fruit’ which comes after the Incwala ceremony. Essentially this is about cleansing and renewal in a new year.

During the ceremony women get to network and showcase the various products they produce with- in their communities. It has over the years evolved into a session where business ideas are shared and markets for products are availed, not only within the premises, but beyond the festival itself.

Additionally, the Minister for Home Affairs Her Royal Highness Princess Lindiwe announced on behalf of Their Majesties that the dress code is orange cotton lihiya on Saturday and red lihiya on Sunday respectively. The Minister also caution Lutsango from wearing colorful clothing.

His Majesty King Mswati lll, Her Majesty the Indlovukazi’, Royal family, Emabutfo regiments, the entire Eswatini nation and International guests from neigbouring countries and abroad will also partake in the ceremony. Buganu ceremony is one of the ceremonies that unite Emaswati through culture, values, traditions and respect for the monarch.

Mlandvo A. Dlamini

Ministerial Communications Officer

Ministry of Home Affairs

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