To improve the home management practises. This is done through:

  • The  training of families on better management of family resources.
  • The increase in awareness and practises on personal and environmental hygiene.
  • The increase of the client’s awareness practises on siting, renovation and renovation of housing structures including interior and exterior decorations

 Who applies for the service

  • Women
  • Children

How is the service obtained

    • Citizen customers must present themselves to the Tinkhundla Centres where they can get   information about when meetings and workshops will be held.
    • Citizens can also present themselves in the Home Economics Department in Mbabane at the Ministry of Agriculture (see contact details)
    • Also listening to the radio programs that are hosted by the Home Economics Department

    When to apply


    Any time of the year as a need for the service arise.


    How much for the service


    Currently the service is free.


    For more information



    Please contact:


    The Department of Home Economics,


    Department of Home Economics,


    P.O. Box 162




    Tel.: (268) 2404 2731 Ext 2262


    Fax: (268) 2404 2731


    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




    Physical Address


    The Department of Home Economics,


    Ministry of Agriculture HQ


    Corner of Engen Garage, First Building


    Opposite Swaziland Fire Station




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