The mandate of fattening ranches is to alleviate the grazing pressures from the communal grazing lands and to help the Swazi farmer to realize good economic returns from cattle that were better managed.

This Department of Animal Production commits itself to provide quality service towards sustainable and diversified livestock industry

Our mission is to provide quality service to livestock farmers and other stakeholders through effective extension service.


These are Government grass fed establishments or landscapes with the purpose of helping farmers under communal grazing to commercialize the beef industry. Fattening ranches aim at alleviating the grazing pressure in the communal grazing lands which resulted in range deterioration and hence soil erosion. The Government lightened that load for the farmers by admitting their stock for fattening and selling. Each farmer is allowed to bring 1 to 50 herds of cattle provided the ranch is not yet reached full carrying capacity. Also fattening ranches takes the male calves and culled cows from the Sisa ranches for fattening purposes on behalf of the owner. The time frame for the fattening period is three months after which the cattle are sold by auctions on behalf of the farmer or that particular institution.   

Who can apply

• An individual farmer
• An approved representative of an organized livestock co – operative/association operating in the Swazi Nation Land and recognized by the Director of  Veterinary Services.
• Approved representative of a Public or Private Institution  

How to apply

• The eligible individual or institution can go in person to the Regional Extension Offices nearest to their community.
• An application form is issued to the applicant.

When to apply

  • Anytime of the year but depends on the availability of space in the ranches

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