Sisa ranches are government grass fed establishments aimed at helping the communal area farmer, community based group ranches and small scale private   farms in keeping their heifers (minimum of 5 herds of heifers per individual) for breeding purposes. This project started as a result of grazing pressure on Swazi Nation Land areas which caused deterioration and soil erosion on the rangelands. This is one of Swaziland Government initiative of commercializing the beef industry by improving the Nguni cattle through selection and dissemination of the improved genetic material from either exotic breeds or performance tested breeds. Government, through the use of her own performance tested bulls, breeds the herd of that particular farmer thus enabling multiplication of improved breeds (with superior traits such as birth weight, high growth rate, weight gain etc). The male calves are taken to the fattening ranches where they fattened and sold on behalf of the farmer through auctions. The female calves are continuously bred until the time when they are culled (as a result of age or sickness or lameness).  

Who can benefit from the service   

• An individual farmer
• An approved representative of an organized livestock co – operative/association operating in the Swazi Nation Land and recognized by the Director of Veterinary Services.
• Approved representative of a Public or Private Institution 

How to apply

• The eligible individual or institution must send an application to the Regional Livestock Extension Officer (LEO)
• The LEO then makes an assessment to approve or disapprove the eligibility of the application

 When to apply

 Anytime of the year but depends on availability of space

How much for the service

E30 per beast per month




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