Livestock production in Swaziland is hampered by limited fodder production and   inefficient use of supplementary feeding and crop residues. The country is also faced with shrinking rangeland resources and declinig grazing potential, through over utilisation and poor management. In addition, grazing lands are denuded and heavily encroached by endemic /alien plant species due to overgrazing and inappropriate use of proper range management practises and principles.


The mandate of the section is to promote sustainable management of grazing land and utilization of grazing resources, production and conservation of pasture and fodder crops. 


Our mission is to provide quality service to livestock farmers and other stakeholders;promote conservation of the natural resource base and improve the nutritional status of the national herd/flock.


The range and nutrition section was developed to advise farmers (both on SNL and TDL) on range management, fodder production and conservation, and animal nutrition.

Who is eligible to apply for the service
 • Farmers on Swazi Nation Land (SNL) and Title Deed Land (TDL).
• Farm Managers on Government Ranches
•  Any interested individual or citizen                           

How to obtain service

The farmers are required to present themselves in person or through the relevant livestock extension officer to the Range Management and animal Nutrition office.                                                                                                                                                                                             

How much for the service

Currently the service is free, except for bailing operation whereby a farmer is required to give half of the total bales to Government for the service.








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