Director: Mr Sipho Vilakati

Our Vision
To become an Information and Communication Technology center of excellence by:Providing Services and products to government and citizens that are cost effective;Offering a conducive working environment where staff can fully exploit their potential;Being innovative and more responsive to our clients (ministries/departments) needs and wants.

The Government Computer Services Department is responsible for providing efficient and cost effective Information Technology (I.T.) services to all Government Ministries and Departments, and to respond to parastatal and public enterprise organizations. It will do this by:

  • Formulating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policies that are in line with  Government's social and economic development strategies;
  • Assisting clients to manage Information by leveraging on ICT'S;
  • Setting up and maintaining a reliable network infrastructure;
  • Providing a secure environment for data;
  • Keeping abreast of ICT Development regionally/internationally by attending seminars, subscribing to -ICT Publications;
  • Developing its IT Human resource to sustain on going as well as planned development.


  • Develop ICT Policies/Strategies;
  • Advice Government Computer Use Steering Committee on all ICT related issues;
  • Provide ICT solutions to Government;
  • Provide desktop (hardware/software) network support to all Government Departments;
  • Provide hardware and Software procurement;
  • Develop and maintain Government Systems;
  • Ensure availability, security and confidentiality of all Government data;
  • Co-ordinate and advise Ministries/Departments on all ICT related issues;
  • Disaster recovery planning

To use ICT's to gain a competitive advantage in form of cost savings, product/Service, quality improvement, and overall use satisfaction.
To render cost effective and efficient ICT services to Ministries and Departments by leveraging on opportunities offered by ICT's

Contact Details:

Tel No Office:+268 2408 3000 Fax No: +268 2404 4240
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Physical Location
Block 1 Level -1
Inter-Ministerial Office Complex
Mhlambanyatsi Road


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