INDVUNA YENKHUNDLA is an elected head of the Inkhundla authority. He/she is responsible and accountable to Bucopho [Inkhundla Executive Council] and the Regional Administrator for administrative and policy parameters. He/she is the chairman of the Inkhundla and responsible for:

  1. Presiding in all official meetings of the Inkhundla.
  2. Supervising the work of Bucopho in the respective Chiefdoms.
  3. Ensuring that decisions of the Inkhundla Executive Committee [Bucopho] are implemented.
  4. Supervise the Inkhundla Executive Secretary.
  5. Regularly update Chiefs in the Inkhundla of all social and economic development programmes and projects implemented in the Inkhundla.
  6. Ensure the preparation and implementation of an Inkhundla Development Plan.
  7. Attend meetings at chiefdoms as when necessary.

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