The Soil Testing Unit is mandated with the reposibility of providing soil testing services to farmers, as well as training of the extension service personnel and farmers on various aspects that limit crop production and productivity with reference soil physical conditions and soil fertility. The soil testing unit also activily participates in creating awareness to farmers on the importance of soil testing and the services of the section as well as to provide the necessary technical support to both extension staff and farmers in the form of training.
The laboratory receives, analyse and give recommendations for lime and fertilizers on the basis of soil test results. 
Main Objectives 
The main objectives of the Unit is facilitate improved soil fertility and increased fertilizer utilization so as to promote crop production by providing soil analysis services is to Swazi Nation Land (SNL) farmers as well as those on Title Deed Land (TDL).

Services Provided
• Soil analysis for pH, Exchangeable acidity, Macro and Micro nutrients.
• Lime and Fertilizer recommendations based on pH, Exchangeable acidity and Nutrient analysis results.
• Technical support in terms of how to improve soil fertility and management in the four regions of Swaziland.
• Technical backstopping of Extension Personnel and Farmers in terms of up to date Soil Fertility Management information and skills.
• Implementation of the National Liming Project for food security


Soil Testing Unit
P. O.Box 4
 Tel: 25274118
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