The Swaziland National Blood Transfusion services supplies safe blood to 12 hospitals in the four regions of the country. The blood needs for the country’s health system have been estimated between 15,000 and 18,000 blood units per year. However only 10,000 and 11,000 blood units are collected each year. Swaziland being one of the most affected countries by HIV/AIDS, blood transfusion safety is considered a priority. It is in this regard that Swaziland – NBTS has taken specific measures to eliminate the transmission of any Transfusion Transmissible infection by putting in place the following protective measures;

  • HIV low risk group blood donors are targeted, particularly school children for blood donation
  • The unit exclude all blood donors at risk for transfusion transmissible infection through educational and confidential exclusion process and perform all the required tests such as HIV, hepatits B and C and Syphilis.
  • Created a data base for regular blood donors and provide continuing education on transfusion transmissible infections including HIV.

As part of the improvement effort in the next five years, the country is in the process of establishing blood static collection sites in seven towns. This strategy is aimed at making blood donation convenient to the people on order to increase the number of regular and walk-in blood donors.

Contact person:


Technical Director, Dr Hosea Sukati,

Telephone:,+268 2505 2126


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