The core business of the Biomedical department is to take care (manage) equipment and basic maintenance of primary health care facilities.  Our day to day work is sub divided into three main sections namely:-

a)    Medical equipment
b)    Auxillary equipment (non-medical)
c)    Primary health care infrastructure maintenance

During the first quarter, the department has secured the Service Tenders, with the Central Tender Board to have all equipment serviced by specialized companies.  This covers Medical and Non-Medical equipment.  This service is the preventive maintenance.
Technicians, who are based in all public hospitals and health centres continue to do the repairs of medical equipment on a daily basis and to attend to emergency breakdowns. The maintenance team, which work on the primary health care facilities has just finished some final touches on work left last financial year at Ngowane clinic. 
The department had hoped to renovate Nkhaba clinic this first quarter, however it has not been possible due to no availability of funds.  The maintenance team still does outreach daily to attend to faults that are reported by the rural clinics.  That also is at a very slow pace due to grounded transport, compounded by fuel shortage.
The Tender Board approved the evaluation report on Service Tender for (Auxillary) Non-Medical equipment.  The awards and contracts are expected to be finalized in two weeks time.  The major challenge is that the total cost of the awards exceeds the allocated service budget of the department by three million Emalangeni.

Contact person;
Leonard Zwane;

Telephone; +268 2404 2111,

Physical address; Mbabane Government Hospital

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