Honourable Ministers
Chief Executive Officer of Sincephetelo MVA Fund and staff
Acting National Police Commissioner and all Police present
Senior Government officials
Representative of Mbabane West Inkhundla
Members of the media
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen

It gives me great pleasure to be a witness of this momentous event, the handing over of a Caravan facility and an assortment of traffic policing equipment to the Royal Eswatini Police Service, courtesy of the Sincephetelo MVA Fund.

The handing over of the fully equipped, top of the range Caravan and accompanying equipment to be used by Traffic Police officers deployed at the Malagwane Traffic Cooling Station, is the latest form of benevolence to be extended by the MVA Fund to the Police Service. Sincephetelo MVA Fund has a long history of support for programmes that are broadly aimed at strengthening road safety in the country, for which we are grateful.

Over the years, the Royal Eswatini Police Service has been among the biggest recipients of the Fund’s generosity. Inclusive of the Caravan and the other equipment to be commissioned today, the Sincephetelo MVA Fund has spent over E1.5Million, to bolster traffic policing in the country.

This is a very substantial investment, by any standard, to have been made by the MVA Fund towards assisting His Majesty’s Government in ensuring that levels of road safety are kept at the highest possible level. Without doubt, Sincephetelo MVA Fund is a true and valuable strategic partner to Government.
The company’s commitment to leveraging road safety interventions is especially commendable as road safety is pivotal to the success of His Majesty’s Government’s forthcoming strategic roadmap whose main focus, is creating an environment that is conducive for business growth and investment, and efficient public service delivery.

The key thrust of this Strategy is expanding private sector growth to broaden the country’s revenue base, through widening the corporate tax net and creating wealth and employment, among other socio-economic outputs. A viable and safe road network is an indispensable element for ease of moving commodities to markets, the movement of employees to and from work, as well as ensuring that production implements are delivered timely.

The rapid movement and timely deliveries of commodities to markets and processing inputs to enterprises of source, is very vital in the business sphere, as it is one environment that is stringent on sticking to set time-frames and deadlines.


Other than the smooth flow of business interaction, citizens rely, to a larger extent, on a safe and reliable road network to access essential social services such as health and education.

His Majesty’s Government is encouraged by reports that show that the spate of accidents, especially those involving heavy haulage vehicles, has been dramatically reduced since the setting up of the Cooling Station at the crest of the Malagwane Hill. This is a positive development, especially as this stretch of road is the major conduit between the country’s two biggest cities, as well as being the most utilized gateway to the Matsapha industrial and manufacturing hub.

As the traffic officers manning the Station will now be working in a more conducive environment, I believe they will be motivated as they go about their duties, creating an environment that will see a further reduction of accidents. Our roads should remain safe at all times, and one life lost is one too many. I take this opportunity to congratulate the commitment of the Royal Eswatini Police Service for ensuring public safety and the protection of our citizens and visitors.

On such an occasion, in my capacity as Minister for Police Affairs, I find it appropriate to encourage Traffic officers to always be courteous as they discharge their duties on the roads. Officers should consistently keep it in mind that they are the most visible first point of contact for investors seeking to set up businesses in the country as well as tourists visiting the Kingdom.

As they interact with people on the roads, they must always strive to leave a positive impression about the Kingdom of Eswatini to all categories of our visitors and road users. Similarly, I implore drivers to take matters of their own safety and the safety of other road users to the heart. Respecting road rules is not simply a measure to avoid police fines or arrest, but a safety requirement that should be a norm even when no police officer is in sight.

In conclusion, may I once again extend my gratitude to the Board and Management of Sincephetelo MVA Fund, for the generous support to our Police Service. May other entities emulate this good example, by partnering Government to boost the safety and security of all Emaswati.

On behalf of His Majesty’s Government, it gives me great pleasure to officially launch the Malagwane Cooling Police Station and Commission the use of the Malagwane police Caravan.

Thank you. May God bless us all.

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