INKHUNDLA EXECUTIVE SECRETARY: The post reports to the Indvuna Yenkhundla on the day to day administration of the Inkhundla and is the chief administrative head of the Inkhundla Executive Committee and carrying out all administrative mandate of the Inkhundla. The Regional Secretary oversees the efficiency of the Inkhundla Administration. The secretary is responsible for:

  1. Coordinating the preparation of the Inkhundla development and operational budget
  2. Coordinating the processing and operation of the Regional Development Fund, Empowerment Fund and the Community Poverty Reduction Fund in so far as this relate to projects within an Inkhundla.
  3. Management of government assets used by the Inkhundla including but not limited to the Inkhundla building, office furniture and equipment and vehicles
  4. Coordinating with the government officials, NGOs and the Inkhundla Executive Committee in conducting community needs assessment, monitoring and evaluation of Inkhundla programmes and ensuring Inkhundla wide accessibility to government services.
  5. Coordinating procurement of office maintenance supplies in line with financial policy and instructions



  1. To supervise and monitor implementation of the Inkhundla development plan and budget
  2. To prepare monthly reports on the implementation of projects in the Inkhundla for consideration by the Inkhundla Executive Committee and onward transmission to the Region
  3. To advise and ensure compliance of the Inkhundla Executive Committee on all government policies and administrative protocols
  4. Responsible for the recording and safe keeping of minutes of the Inkhundla Executive Committee and all other committees established by the Inkhundla to further its objectives.
  5. Supervise all staff members in an Inkhundla, including government staff deployed at Imiphakatsi.
  6. Assume responsibility for performance appraisal for all staff members that report to him/her.
  7. To prepare Inkhundla monthly financial reports for consideration by the inkhundla executive Committee and onward transmission to the Region.
  8. To be custodian of all official documents and records of the Inkhundla
  9. To attend to all official correspondence of the Inkhundla
  10. Authentication of official documents

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