The International Trade Department strives to be a centre of excellence in advancing external trade interests for Swaziland both in the region and globally.


Identification and securing of external market opportunities and facilitation in their optimal exploitation by the people of Swaziland.

The International Trade Department (ITD) of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade is charged with the responsibilities to co-ordinate all trade-related issues for the Government and is also the focal point for the country’s external trade relations. It has two major divisions, namely, the trade policy division and the trade promotion division/unit.


  • Serves as a negotiator, co-ordinator and focal point for Swaziland’s regional and multilateral trade relations;
  • Analyses and implements Swaziland’s export strategies;
  • Identification of new export products and services;
  • Provision of export-oriented support services to exporters;
  • Provision of information on trade opportunities in the global market;
  • Coordinates the running of the Swaziland International Trade Fair (SITF); and
  • Participates in regional and international trade fairs.


Tel: +268 24041808

+268 2404 7040

fax: +268 2404 3833/ +268 2404 4711


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