Legal metrology exercises regulatory control on all measurement activities performed in trade and commerce. This is the area of metrology which affects the average citizen the most; it defines the tolerances permitted for weighing and measuring equipment, the types of weighing and measuring instrument permitted to be used in a country and the legal enforcement of the weights and measures regulations. 

The Weights and Measures Section is Swaziland’s national office responsible for the administration of measurements in trade and commerce.


The mission of the Weights and Measures Section in the Ministry of Commerce Industry and trade is to administrate and control Metrology in trade the aim being to foster equitable and correct measurement in trader goods and services conducted on the base of measure of weight.


The Section is mandated to supervise trade metrology exercising a regulatory function in that regard. An effective trade measurement system that continued to provide significant economic benefit in trade measured goods at a high benefit-to-cost-ratio is essential. Confidence in measurement is necessary for fair local trade, consumer protection and international Commodity trading. Swaziland being mainly an agricultural – based economy has the need to always export her products to International Markets and specified measurements standards


The Section’s legal base is the Metrology Act, 1991.  There are various technical regulations and specifications that ensure the technical part of verifying measuring instruments used in trade are carried properly.

Areas of Measurement:

The Section currently covers three areas of measurement and these are Mass, Length and Volume.

Accessing Our Service:

Various verifications and inspections are carried by the Section to various business sectors of the economy to ensure measurement compliance. These include the following activities:

a)    Approval of measuring instruments

b)    Verifications of measuring instruments

c)    Registration of repairers

d)    Calibration of measuring instruments

e)    Inspection pre-packed goods

f)    Control and repair of measuring instrument used in trade.

g)    Rejection and effecting withdrawals to non – conforming measuring instruments used in trade.

Regional Offices:

There four regional offices for the Section all placed in the four districts or Regions of Swaziland.
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Manzini Region

Matsapha Verification centre
Box 451

Phone: +268 2518 5330

Hhohho Region

Mbabane verification Centre
Box 451

Phone: +268 2404 7508

Shiselweni District:

Nhlangano Verification Centre
Box 451

Phone: +268 2207 8682

Lubombo Region
Siteki verification Centre
Box 451 Mbabane

Phone: +268 2343 4141

Physical Address
Gwamile Street Adjacent to the Deputy Prime Ministers Office

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