The Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology(ICT),has embarked on regional roadshows aimed at sensitizing the public about the switchover from analogue broadcasting to digital terrestrial television broadcasting. The regional roadshows come after the official launch of the awareness campaign by the Minister of ICT, Honourable Dumisani C. Ndlangamandla held at the Royal Swazi Convention Centre on September 18, 2014.


The roadshows began on November 1, 2014 at Jubilee Park in Manzini where members of the public were treated to performances by Emagawugawu Gospel Group, Pelepele drama group and Chakalaka dance group. The second roadshow was held at Ebuhleni in the Hhohho region on November 15, 2014. There, the public danced to music rendered by Shongwe and Khuphuka; Shiba and the Travelers as well Pelepele Drama group, among others. Children were thrilled by the mascot called ‘Ntjintja’, which means change. The Ministry will host one roadshow at Matata in Big Bend on November 29, 2014 and the last one in Nhlangano on December 13, 2014.


“The concept of Digital Migration is still new to Swaziland, yet it will affect every citizen of this country,” said Annelisa Stoffels, Acting Director of Information and Media Development. “The public should be well informed about the changes and the opportunities that Digital Migration presents, which is why we, as a Ministry, have decided to take this information to the public through roadshows,” she said. The Ministry is also running a competition on both national newspapers, the Times of Swaziland and the Swazi Observer, to get the public talking about digital migration. The public can also get more information on digital migration by accessing the website: or dialing the toll free number 8009114


Swaziland, as a member of the International Telecommunications Union, is obliged to adhere to the June 2015 deadline set by member countries at the Regional Radio Communication Conference held in Geneva in 2006. Benefits of Digital Migration include better quality picture and sound, creation of job opportunities through content production, more viewing options due to increased number of available channels and more access, among other benefits.


“People should not destroy their old television sets, but rather they will need to get a set-top box, which will convert the analogue signal to digital and ensure that the public is able to view the numerous channels on display,” explained the Acting Director.






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