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 The Minister for Labour and Social Security Makhosi Vilakati has officially commissioned the appointment of the Labour Advisory Board which is an advisory body to the Minister on all labour related issues. The Labour Advisory Board (LAB), which is a tripartite body (composed Government, employers and workers), is established in terms of Part III of the Industrial Relations Act No. 1 of 2000.

Through Legal Notice No. 192 of 2019, the Ministry has appointed new members of the LAB following the expiry of the term of office of the previous Board on 31 July 2019. Subsequent to that the Ministry issued letters to the employers and labour federations requesting nominations for members to be appointed to the Board for the next three years.

The Minister assured members of the Board that the Ministry views this body as an important vehicle towards harmonised industrial relations.

“In this tripartite structure all constituents are represented and being here means you are well entrusted to carry out the recommendations of the Board with due diligence. There are a number of Bills that need to be tabled before Parliament and we need to hit the ground running in getting these Bills ready for tabling in Parliament, which include the ENPF conversion Bill and the Employment Bill” said the Minister.

Mduduzi Gina who spoke on behalf of employees was thankful for the encouraging words from the Minister, particularly in relation to trust, cooperation and faithfulness when undertaking the work of the Board.

“We promise to work with diligence to ensure the rights of workers are recognised” said Gina

On behalf of employers, Edwin Mbingo assured the Minister that they will make a meaningful contribution to the Board as representatives of their membership.



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