Directorate: Vacant

The Department of Disaster works with the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), Non-Government Organisations and other development partners whose mandate is to prevent and substantially reduce the impact of disasters by promoting an integrated and coordinated system of disaster management focused on decreasing vulnerability, increasing preparedness and mitigation capacity. The specific objectives are to:-

  • Strengthen Disaster Risk Reduction governance, legal and institutional framework at all levels
  • Identify and monitor national risks, Enhance early warning systems, and establish DRR programming
  • Strengthen Research, information and Knowledge management on disaster risk management
  • Promote disaster risk reduction as a National Priority and Strengthen its Coordination


National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA)


Physical Address:                              RHUS Office Park

                                                          Lot 195 Karl Grant Street

P.O. Box 8909

Mbabane H100

Telephone:                                         +26824042777 / +26824040256

Chief Executive Officer                      + 26824041367

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