Director: Mr. Phesheya  Dube

The Mission of the Information and Media Development Directorate is to create an enabling legislative and policy environment for the facilitation of sustainable growth, and development of the Information and Media sector.

The Vision of the Information and Media Development Directorate is to create an information and mass media environment which effectively reduces the isolation of communities and provides information and platforms for interaction and participation, for the purposes of social development and economic upliftment.


•    Coordination of information  and media sectors (sectoral support, development, regulation and management)
•    Media (sectoral development, legislative and policy development, licensing and regulation)
•    Accreditation of media houses
•    Filming accreditation, licensing and regulation
•    Registration and regulation of all publications (including electronic publications)
•    Policy , Strategy formulation and overseeing of Government Communication

Postal Address: 

P. O. Box 642

Physical Address
Inter-ministerial Building                       
Block 8 Level -3
Mhlambanyatsi Road

Telephone Number:(+268) 2404 0651/ (+268) 2405 4028
Fax Number:      (+268) 2404 0651/2404 1898
Email Address:

Department Contacts:(+268) 2408 3123/ (+268) 2405 4045/ 51

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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