To ensure that the Government for the Kingdom of Swaziland has a healthy and proactive workforce that is free of HIV / AIDS and effectively delivers public services.


To prevent, mitigate  and control  HIV/AIDS infection  amongst  the public sector  through effective guidelines  to ensure  coordination, implementation, monitoring  and evaluation  of HIV/ AIDS programmes and services in the  public sector.

PSCHACC offers the following activities and product s through PSHACC secretariat, departmental and ministerial structures headed by Under Secretaries, Deputy Commissioner, and Deputy Commander:

1.    Individual and Group Counseling.
2.    PSHACC support groups..
3.    Peer Education and Counseling Trainings.
4.    Training on the management of HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses at the workplace.
5.    Trainings on Home Based Care.
6.    Linkages to Treatment and Care.
7.    Information and Educational Campaigns.
8.    Get Active Sports Activities.
9.    Mobile testing facilities.
10.  Food Bank.

Need help with the following? Contact the PSHACC officers. The office has a network of experts who are ready to help you where possible at the most convenient time possible to ensure government’s service delivery is minimally disrupted.


Depression can ruin your life



Public Sector HIV Coordination Committee


Mr. Richard Phungwayo

+268 2518 6229

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