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 FRIDAY 10 MAY 2019


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Good morning

May I, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, welcome and thank all of you for attending this important End Malaria Fund breakfast meeting.

I am grateful to have this opportunity today to engage with you, the titans of industry in Eswatini, about the Kingdom’s progress in eliminating malaria and the proposed Eswatini End Malaria Fund.

Over the years, we have seen how the private sector, working with Government and other stakeholders, has effectively contributed to the implementation of priority national initiatives. These include HIV and AIDS, poverty reduction, job creation and the ease of doing business, to name but a few. I am happy that His Majesty’s Government can continue to count on the private sector to discuss strategies to support the continental and regional initiatives for a malaria free generation.

May I also acknowledge the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister, the inter-Ministerial Taskforce, and the many Public Servants that have contributed to this process. Special gratitude goes to the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) which is currently chaired by His Majesty and Ingwenyama, King Mswati III. ALMA has been an important partner in this effort.

Two weeks ago, Eswatini and the international community celebrated World Malaria Day. This day was a reminder that malaria is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Africa, affecting more than 200 million people and killing more than 400 thousand each year - 61% of which are under the age of five. The commemoration was also recognition that ending malaria is essential to achieving the objectives of the African Union’s Agenda 2063, especially with regard to creating a prosperous Africa built on inclusive growth and sustainable development, and a call to action that all of us have an important role to play in ending this disease.

The Kingdom of Eswatini is signatory to the African Union “zero malaria starts with me” campaign; which His Majesty King Mswati III and His Excellency Macky Sal, the President of the Republic of Senegal, launched in July 2018. The campaign recognises that eliminating malaria requires advocacy, action, and accountability across all sectors, public and private, and at all levels.  It is a responsibility we all share.

The Kingdom is also signatory to the SADC Windhoek declaration on malaria elimination; which called on SADC Member States to, among other things, increase resource allocation from national governments to address the gap in funding and supportive policies to promote malaria elimination.

As Prime Minister and Cabinet, we are responsible, and so are all the stakeholders represented here today. Some of you gathered here have members who undertake a lot of cross border travel while others have their membership located in the most at risk areas.  At community level, we have parents who worry about the health of their children. We all must all put our hands on deck to end malaria.

His Majesty the King has provided the necessary leadership, by operationalizing the commitments and demonstrating that we can end malaria. He has called on his Government to take up the baton and make a malaria free Eswatini a sustainable possibility. In order to sustain the achievements thus far, His Majesty will be launching the Eswatini End Malaria Fund on 31st may 2019.

The End Malaria Fund is a public-private partnership to mobilise domestic and external resources to close this gap. The Fund will be independent and managed by a Multi-sectoral Board of Directors to draw on the unique capacity of the Government, industries, and communities.

The Minister of Finance will present the specifics on the Fund, setting out its objectives and the investment case, while the Minister of Health will highlight the Kingdom’s progress in the malaria elimination journey. She will also set out the funding gaps in the national malaria elimination strategy, which provide a clear pathway, including universal coverage of interventions that kill the mosquitoes in at-risk areas, expanded case management, and enhanced surveillance, tracking, and reporting on each case. However, an additional $5.5 million US dollars is needed to succeed.

The task of eliminating malaria is before us, and the region will be looking to Eswatini for leadership and to see what is possible. Thus, it is essential that we deliver. Let us set the standard and make history by eliminating malaria.

I invite all of you to be open and frank in these deliberations in order to develop effective strategies for establishing a sustainable Eswatini End Malaria Fund. The Ministers and officials are available to deal with any questions you may have as you discuss and agree on the next steps.

Thank you very much. May God bless us all.


  • Chief
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  • Honourable Members of Parliament
  • Indvuna Yenkhundla
  • Senior Government Officials
  • Representatives of Kingsgate Clothing and Euro Swazi
  • Investments
  • Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

It is an absolute delight to greet you this wonderful morning and more specially to have your presence in this part of the country.

I know that some of you have driven long distances (from Durban) to be part of this rather brief event and I would like to specifically acknowledge that sacrifice.

Today marks one of the preliminary milestones for us as a ministry to ensure that we accelerate the drive towards creating jobs and ensure that we support decentralised economic activities in the country.

As you might know, ladies and gentlemen, His Majesty’s Government is in a drive to touch all levers possible to revive our economy. We, as a ministry, are constantly taking stock to identify and support measures and interventions that are within our reach to contribute to meaningful economic recovery.

That is the essence of our meeting today to handover this factory to the two companies that have been allocated the factories. As you might be aware, these factories are about a decade old. It was marginally used after its construction but of late has been minimally used for storage and not for its original intention of boosting our productive capacity.

Our historical efforts reveal that the location of this factory did not favour wet industries due to its location hence it was not favoured by some of the investors who needed space. But now everyone can see that Buhleni is a bustling town, with major development taking shape everywhere, thus it goes without saying that this town will soon be a business hub for the surrounding areas.

We are glad today to handover these factories to the two investors being Euro Swazi Investments and Kingsgate Clothing. These companies have been identified and facilitated by the Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority for the production of corn snacks and textiles, respectively, in their two adjacent factories.

I am honoured to announce that Euro Swazi will invest a total of E8 Million while phase 1 of their project is already in the implementation stage and as per their initial project intentions, the company will be creating about 45 Jobs when the entire phases are complete.

Secondly, we will hand over the bigger factory to Kingsgate Clothing. The company originates from South Africa and is currently the main buyer of garments made in Eswatini under the Cut Make and Trim (CMT) arrangement (supporting about 10 companies in the country). The total investment outlay is E5m to create a total of 1 000 jobs at full capacity.

We believe that as a result of these investments, there will be a lot of infrastructural developments and other spin-offs that will accrue to the entire area. In short, these projects will be a trigger for other businesses to be seized by the locals around this place.

Once again, let me thank you all for taking your time to be part of this event.

Thank You all, Siyabonga kini nonkhe bekunene.




  1. Members of the media, good afternoon.
  2. My Ministry, amongst other responsibilities, is conferred with the power to oversee the operation of Urban Local Authorities. It is common cause that there are thirteen (13) Urban Local Authorities in Eswatini. These local authorities are autonomous bodies which manage their own affairs without the interference of the central government unless such intervention is authorised by law.
  3. It is almost two months since governance challenges emerged at the Matsapha Town Council. Over these months, the Ministry has been quietly following these challenges, hoping the Council would amicably resolve them.
  4. However, recent developments taking place at the Council have shown that an amicable settlement at the Local level was not forthcoming.
  5. Therefore, having had recourse to the complexity of the challenges that have engulfed this local authority, I have found it proper to institute a Commission of Enquiry into the affairs of the Matsapha Town Council affairs, in terms of Section 107 of the Urban Government Act of 1969.
  6. In the intervening period, as is the norm, Council and its committees’ normal business meetings, including Special Meetings, are put on hold until after the conclusion of the commission whereat I will give further direction.
  7. The office of the CEO is hereby directed to ensure that the Commission receives all the necessary support for the proper execution of this assignment.
  8. In addition, the CEO to ensure smooth operations of the administrative arm of the local authority.
  9. I thank you.







Your Royal Highnesses

Honourable Chiefs

My Colleagues Ministers of the Crown

Distinguished presenters

Ladies and Gentlemen

May I welcome all of you to this Cabinet Retreat and thank you for making time for this extremely important forum which is at the axis of the socio-economic evolution of our country?.It is my sincere belief that proper planning is a crucial component of any undertaking.

In the wake of the Economic downturn the country is facing everybody is expected to play a role in the quest for a tangible turnaround and Cabinet Ministers have an unavoidable duty to lead the way. That is why we are here today. We can never get to proper delivery without proper planning. It is in proper planning that we stand a chance to develop success from failures.

The unbecoming fiscal challenges continue to be with us but leadership is doing all it can to contain the situation. We are positive that the country will come out of this in the medium term. It will be not be easy and quicker. It requires discipline and sacrifice .

Government has made breakthroughs in some areas of operation already despite the economic downturn the country faces.  Government arrears pending with the Treasury department have been reduced from 3.5 Billion Emalangeni at the end of October to 2.1 Billion Emalangeni by the end of December 2018. Contributing to the favourable cash-flow position are multiple factors. Some are structural while others are as a result of control measures employed by Government that have  started to bear fruit.

Before leaving office the outgoing Cabinet in July 2018 announced suspension of capital projects in excess of 500 Million Emalangeni and hiring freeze. When the  new Cabinet  assumed office  early November it advanced the agenda  by suspending all Government Tenders  and tightened Government’s travel policy through a statement that was made  on 22nd November 2018. Also supporting this positive development is the increased revenue collections by Eswatini Revenue Authority.

Through  this statement , we have  observed improving confidence in the  domestic debt market that saw Government Treasury Bills and Bonds pricing increasingly matching those of similar papers  in the Republic of South Africa, against which we benchmark ourselves. Government has been able to raise over 450 Million Emalangeni over above the planned weekly issuances.

On the other hand, the country’s foreign reserves have improved to 3.4 months of imports beginning January 2019. This is a slight improvement from the 2.9 months recorded by the end of December, 2018. The improvement is as a result of the  quarterly SACU inflow of 1.4 Billion Emalangeni that  we have been receiving in the  2018/19 fiscal year. This should indeed be confirmation that as a country we had only crushed but not crumbled economically.

We would like to appeal to all civil servants to bear with us on the issue of Cost Of Living Adjustment {COLA}. Government does not yet have the means to meet this demand. May we therefore kindly call for responsible thinking and logical behavior among all those affected by the current financial state of affairs faced by our country particularly at a time like this when everybody is expected to put should on the wheel to change the situation. We all have a duty to put out country first. We therefore appeal for calm and understanding.

In the quest for a solid Economic Recovery Roadmap we have put together a solid programme for this Cabinet Retreat. Our topics for presentation and deliberations  include  Building the  Economy of Eswatini- External and Internal strategic interventions; Unlocking Opportunities  In The Financial Sector  And Fiscal Prudence.

In conclusion I would like to commend Emaswati for the calm and peacefulness that prevailed during the  entire festive season . Incwala too went through so smoothly to the end on Friday when the King  & INgwenyama dispersed   Emabutfo. To all EMaswati,  may this 2019 be the moment your fortunes have been waiting for.

I thank you

It is my pleasure to be present at this inaugural event of the wine processing plant by Casa de Vino, a new company that has invested in the Kingdom of Eswatini. On behalf of Government let me take this opportunity to thank the directors of Casa de Vino for their interest and confidence in doing business in Eswatini. Furthermore I wish to welcome the company’s guests from Scotland and Mozambique and hope that you enjoy your brief stay in the country.

My Ministry is delighted that Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority (EIPA) has facilitated the investment by Casa de Vino in the past few months ensuring a soft landing in our business environment. It is encouraging to note that Casa de Vino brings value addition to our main commodity which is sugar. As trends in global sales of sugar indicate a shrinking market it is important that we adopt strategies and programs that promote value addition. The sugar quota allocated to this plant would not have found its way to the international market as the Eswatini Sugar Association has been reporting reduction in sales in recent seasons.

To this end I encourage Casa de Vino to grow the business and utilise additional quantities of sugar to take advantage of our extended market access in the EU, COMESA countries and the recently concluded Economic Cooperation Agreement with Taiwan. Of paramount importance is the SACU market which affords duty free market access. The establishment of the wine plant has made history in the country’s industrial development landscape as Eswatini will now be known for its wine products in the global market.

Further to that we are excited that soon we shall be having wine made in Eswatini on the shelves of local retailers.

This has added to the basket of export products that my Ministry market to the outside world through trade fairs and exhibitions. To this end I am happy to announce that in June 2019 the EIPA will be taking about 10 companies to participate in The 29th Taipei International Food Show known as FOOD TAIPEI. I do hope that you will take advantage of this market exposure to penetrate the Taiwanese market.

May I take this opportunity to assure you of my Ministry’s commitment in supporting your operations in Eswatini. We hope and wait in anticipation for full production of the plant early next year.

In conclusion I wish to thank all Government departments that have facilitated all necessary requirements for the establishment of this plant in collaboration with EIPA. May I also wish Casa de Vino success in their business.

Thank You and God Bless


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