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It is my honour and pleasure, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government and as Minister of Police, to be part of this Ceremony to officially bid farewell to former National Commissioner, now Senator, Isaac Magagula, as well as witness the Ceremonial Handover of Office to the new National Commissioner, in line with the dictates of Police culture and practice.

Today’s Ceremony is of special significance to the Police Service and its stakeholders, as we celebrate a true policing icon and giant in Magagula, who served the organization with great distinction for over 46 years, making a massive contribution towards its growth and development.

Nine of the inspiring 46 years of service, were served in the position of Commissioner, which was later upgraded to National Commissioner. Magagula was a true Police professional who espoused all the qualities of a resourceful police officer.

I have had several interactions with Magagula in both my previous and current positions where I was drawn by his passion for policing and his clear vision of leading the Police Service to professional levels in its service delivery frameworks. It was this drive and visible commitment that would convince myself and other contemporaries in the business sector, to support various policing initiatives within the spirit of the “Business Against Crime” philosophy.

Magagula is credited with the introduction of innovative strategies to bolster Police service delivery systems for the enhancement of safety and security in Eswatini. One such strategy was the “Lunyazi” method of operation whose rationale was to foster speed and urgency in Police crime response mechanisms.


Lunyazi was later complemented by the “Siyavutsa Bhe” operational philosophy, which laid emphasis on zero tolerance to crime and wayward behaviour on the roads. These strategies laid a solid foundation for the sustenance of safety and security in the country, which remains central to Government’s on-going efforts to spur socio-economic growth and stability.

The creation of Targeted Operational Units within the Police Service focussing on specific forms of criminality such as violent crimes and organized crimes is one legacy that Magagula can be proud of.

Another policing legacy of the former National Commissioner worthy of being flagged was that of forging partnerships with a wide-range of stakeholders in the safety and security value chain. This was based on the reality that no Police Service can be effective working in isolation. Stakeholders that were targeted include; communities, Traditional Leadership Authorities, Community Police, Schools, Churches and members of the Business Community, among others.

What is encouraging is that these partnerships continue to be vibrant to this day and will benefit the Police Service for many years to come.


The strengthening of partnerships also saw the signing of Memorandums of Understanding with Police Services of our neighbouring countries Mozambique and South Africa. Such partnerships enable all three to join forces in combating cross-border crimes such as Stock Theft, Drug Trafficking and Trafficking in illicit goods among others. This is crucial in our quest as a country to disrupt the shadow economy and revitalize sustainable economic growth. We look forward to the existing collaboration between the Kingdom and the neighbouring Police Services being maintained.

We further note and commend Magagula for inculcating a culture of learning in the Police Service and also leading from the front in that regard, as he also personally pursued academic enlightment.  An Illustration of the success of the culture of learning he sowed is the ever-growing numbers of Police officers who acquire qualifications in various fields from the country’s tertiary institutions and elsewhere.

Continuous learning is central in policing today’s complex and dynamic society, as well as tackling the numerous emerging sophisticated crimes and allied social ills. The keenness of the ex-National Commissioner to improve the training and academic profile of Police officers, is further evidenced by the integral role he played in the process to have the Police College upgraded to an Academy, that is at par with other institutions of higher learning in the country.

He was at the forefront of engaging the University of Eswatini (UNESWA) to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Training Partnership with the Royal Eswatini Police Service, wherein the modalities of the on-going flagship Diploma in Police Science Programme are entailed. This a great milestone in the quest to professionalize and modernize the Police Service, as well as instil the culture of excellence.

Instilling the culture of excellence in the operational and administrative frameworks of not just the country’s Armed Forces but the entire Government machinery, is one of the Priority areas of the Government Strategic Road-Map 2018-2023.

I take this opportunity to pass my gratitude to the Magagula family for supporting and allowing him to serve the nation with distinction. I have no doubt you gave him all the strength and lift to execute this task with the full knowledge that he has a stable family to lean on in challenging and good times.

May I, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, once again congratulate and thank Magagula for his exemplary leadership and selfless service to the Police Service and the country. It is our hope that you will continue to share the vast knowledge and experience acquired over the years to those now forming the leadership of the Police Service, as well as be an Ambassador of the Police Service in the Legislature.

It therefore gives me pleasure Mtfombeni to deservedly award you with a Certificate of Meritorious Police Leadership, in recognition of your selfless service to the Police Service over four decades.

Thank you. May God bless us all.

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