3rd Floor Dlan’beka Building, Mbabane

Tel: +268 2404 6344/5


Senior Economist : Lungile Mndzebele

Head of Section

The main functions of the Section are to coordinate the implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy and Action Programme (PRSAP), facilitate the setting up of appropriate institutional arrangements from community to cabinet level to be used by stakeholders in the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of the PRSAP, coordinate the M&E of the PRSAP, undertake poverty assessments, and disseminate information on poverty reduction initiatives.

  • Compile national poverty reviews and updates of the NDS
  • Update the PRSAP, determining overall, sectoral and regional strategic goals, policies and targets for poverty reduction initiatives
  • Assist in the identification of appropriate socio-economic and poverty monitoring indicators as a basis for future evaluation of policies and programs
  • Coordinate the implementation of the PRSAP through regular consultations with Sector Working Groups, ensuring that sector programs and projects are in line with the PRSAP, pro-poor and eligible for inclusion in the national budget.
  • Develop and implement a national PRSAP M&E system, establishing poverty monitoring indicators as a basis for monitoring and evaluating performance, monitoring the progress of poverty reduction initiatives, establishing a poverty reduction database and undertaking poverty analysis
  • Ensure that the national PRSAP M&E system integrates with other Sectoral M&E systems in line Ministries, Parastatals and Non-State Actors.
  • Develop a reporting system to ensure regular and timely dissemination of information to stakeholders on progress of socio-economic development programs
  • Ensure regular assessment and reporting of the country’s progress towards achievement of Human Development and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s)


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