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The mandate of this section is the establishment of centralized record keeping and data analysis of all livestock records from Cattle Breeding Stations (CBSs), Fattening Ranches (FRs), Sisa Ranches (SRs) and other livestock related investigations.

The Data Processing Unit Section commits itself to provide quality service towards sustainable animal production industry.

Our mission is to provide quality service to Cattle Breeding Stations (CBSs), Fattening Ranches (FRs), Sisa Ranches (SRs) and other livestock related investigations effective record keeping and data analysis.

The Data Processing Unit Section is presently staffed with the Animal Husbandry Officers (AHO) Breeding, Senior Programmes Systems Analyst (Animal Husbandry Officer II), Trainee Programmer/Analyst  - Hardware and Software, Keypunch Operator (Data Entry Officer) and Labourer – (Data Entry Officer Assistant)


Livestock Recording is a vital requirement for managing livestock genetic resources. Since October 1975, the Data Processing Unit has been using a Computerized System for Beef Cattle Performing Testing. This Computerized Beef Cattle Breeding System was designed for rapid accurate data recording and analysis. It uses a computerized system to assemble, validate, analyze, and store data from the Government Breeding Stations and Sisa Ranches. Its aim is to provide information for performance testing young animals and carry out breed evaluations to assist ranch managers in making decisions and providing information needed for policy decision making with regard to the national breeding programmes.

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