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His Majesty’s Correctional Services comprises of fourteen (14) Correctional Centres including the Head Office and the Training College. The department’s core business is security, rehabilitation, reintegration and community corrections. Offenders under the supervision of the department on average stand at three thousand six hundred (3 600). The department is   intensifying rehabilitation of offenders as the main catalyst to curb re-offending.

The department endeavours to be an effective and efficient provider of rehabilitation programs aimed at assisting offenders to transform into law abiding and productive citizens. While the department has taken various measures to strengthen a multi-sectoral approach in the execution of its responsibilities and duties, it continues to compete for resources with other sectors and by virtue of it being on the lower rung of the Criminal Justice System, it tends to suffer from lack of necessary resources to deliver on the mandate, goals and objectives. 

The department has the potential to generate revenue for the Government and also be self-sustained as it has a comparative advantage in terms of skills, labour, land and will power. Due to budgetary challenges

this potential is not fully realized.

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