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To provide well planned and integrated human settlements.


Our mission is to facilitate the delivery of housing and urban services through appropriate physical planning, strengthening the institutional capacity of urban local authorities and protection of life and property from the risk and impact of fire and other emergency situations.


In response to increasing urbanization, the Government of Swaziland in 1991 created an urban portfolio and merged it with the housing portfolio to establish the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The portfolios were given the following responsibilities:

  • Housing and human settlements
  • Physical and town planning
  • Water and sewerage
  • Rents
  • Land for residential purposes
  • Urban governments
  • Fire and emergency services

In 1996, the portfolio and responsibility allocations were revised to become:
Housing and human settlements

  • Physical planning/town planning
  • Private townships approval
  • Sectional titles development

Urban governments

  • Urban local government administration
  • Infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Refuse collection and disposal
  • Building plans approvals
  • Vacuum tanker services (including sewerage disposal)

National fire and emergency services

  • Fire fighting services
  • Emergency rescue services
  • Fire training services
  • Fire prevention services
  • Paramedic services
  • Water retrieval services

The Ministry’s institutional structure consists of four main Departments, namely Administration, the Department of Housing and Human Settlements (DHHS), the Department of Urban Government (DUG) and the Fire and Emergency Service Department. There is also a housing parastatal, Swaziland National Housing Board (SNHB), the two Municipal Councils of Mbabane (Mbcc) and Manzini (Mzcc) and the ten Town Councils for small towns.

Principal Secretary - Mr Cliford Mamba

Under Secretary Administration- Ms. Lomakhosi  Dlamini

Under Secretary Technical - Mr Thulasizwe Dlamini



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