To be a more efficient and effective Civil Service Commission responsive to the needs of the Civil Service and the public at large


To view employees and the public as the most valuable assets in the Government of Swaziland. We are committed to supporting the goals and objectives of the Civil Service Commission by providing employees and the public with excellent services, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity leadership, impartiality and with confidentiality.


Vacancies are declared to the Civil Service Commission to ensure that they are filled within the most reasonable time in order to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the civil service. General Order A.245 is worth noting to ensure that posts are filled within the most reasonable time to avoid cases arising due to acting appointments that have been effected without noting that the period has long passed the stipulated time.


-         To promote merit standards in the recruitment, selection and promotion of deserving candidates to positions in the civil service

-         To promote leadership and just standards in disciplinary matters, and effectively guide, mentor and direct the entire civil service

-         To promote a responsive and transparent civil service with regards to service delivery

-         To expand the use of Information Technology in all Civil Service Commission’s operations

-         Create feedback or monitoring mechanism for delegated/devolved functions

-         To promote ethical principles and values governing the public service by communicating, advising, directing, evaluating, analyzing, monitoring and reporting on issues pertaining to the improvement of the Civil Service in particular.


The Civil Service Commission was established under Section 186 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Swaziland, issued in July 2005. This section together with Section 187 stipulates the functions of the Commission, i.e. appointments, acting appointments, confirmations, secondments, promotions, discipline, dismissals and termination of appointments.


The Civil Service Commission’s values are the drivers of its vision as they give direction on how civil servants should act to be able to reach its determined goals and objectives. The Commission’s values are as follows:

-         Integrity

-         Honesty

-         Fairness

-         Equity

-         Responsiveness

-         Excellency

-         Empathy

-         Respect for professionalism


The Civil Service Commission believes that a diverse workforce appointed on merit through a fair and transparent process may enhance effectiveness in terms of performance. The Commission therefore promotes and supports efforts to get the best and deserving candidates drawn from a competitive and diverse field.

The Civil Service Commission in ensuring that transparency and accountability is adhered to, provides a fair opportunity to everyone by advertising all the vacant posts. That is done in two ways, externally and internally. External advertisement is done through advertising through the media e.g. newspapers to allow everyone who qualify for that post to apply and compete fairly. Internal advertisement is done within the civil service through the Heads of Departments to allow for qualifying civil servants to apply for those posts. All these is done to embrace and promote the principle of transparency and accountability within the Civil Service.


Note that clear meanings of the under listed terms are found in the General Orders

  1. Probationary appointments into the civil service
  2. Temporary and contract appointments into the civil service
  3. Renewal of employment contracts
  4. Confirmations into permanent and pensionable establishment
  5. Secondments& desecondments to projects and foreign service
  6. Retirement on medical grounds
  7. Transfers of staff to various Departments and Ministries
  8. Variations of appointments
  9. Suspensions and dismissals
  10. Termination of appointments
  11. Processing of acting appointments
  12. Promotions

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