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The current organizational set up of the Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration and Development was established by His Majesty’s Government in 2009 through the Swaziland Government Legal Notice Number 25 of 2009. MTAD’s mandate is to create an enabling environment for effective service delivery at Regional and Tinkhundla level and to enforce good governance practices, inclusive development and balanced regional development. The Ministry discharges its mandate through the following functional departments:

  • Regional Administration
  • Planning and Coordination
  • Tinkhundla Administration
  • Community Development
  • Decentralization


Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration and Development will be the leader in taking the country to First World Status by the year 2022, through effective, efficient service delivery as well as people driven socio-economic development and good governance.


The Ministry is committed to promoting the Tinkhundla based system of governance through effective coordination and delivery of services to the people, whilst empowering them to develop and acting as an entry point as well as a link on development initiatives and fully promoting the participatory approach to development.


The main objectives of the of the Ministry are :

 a. To facilitate the implementation of all Government policies at national, regional and Tinkhundla levels.

b. To improve the capacity of Regions, Tinkhundla and Chiefdoms to plan, implement, manage and monitor development programmes and the delivery of services for their communities.

 c. To coordinate and facilitate an integrated approach of all developmental programmes, projects, activities and other initiatives by Development Agencies, Government Departments and Non-Governmental organizations at Regional, Sub-Regional, Tinkhundla and Chiefdom levels.

 d. To facilitate and implement the decentralization of all basic services from the Central Government to the grassroots level.  

 e. To build and strengthen community capacities and skills to participate in the country’s socio-economic        development for the attainment of sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

f. To establish mechanisms to develop, coordinate and disseminate information on regional and Tinkhundla          activities and programmes.


The Ministry commits to upholding the following values:


  • Respect for people: We shall treat all people with respect, dignity and fairness to create a safe and healthy work environment that promotes engagement, openness and transparency.
  • Excellence: we shall engage in positive engagement, collaboration, effective teamwork and professionalism, providing services fairly, timely and efficiently.
  • Equity and all-inclusiveness: We shall ensure that all our customers/clients feel that they have a, ‘stake in it’ and do not feel excluded or marginalized from the services we provide.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency: we shall thrive to provide professional, verified information to all our customers/ clients.
  • Speed and responsiveness: We shall effectively and efficiently meet each customer/client requests within reasonable time frames.


  • Integrity: We shall uphold the highest ethical standards including, being discrete in keeping all customer information in the strictest confidence and being principled in rendering services to the public.
  • Stewardship: We shall ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the use of resources, being accountable at all times.
  • Connectivity: We shall make sure to create linkages, both inter and intra institutional, as well as between the citizen/client/customer and decentralized service providers particularly in the area of timely and quality service delivery.
  • Transparency: Decisions taken and their enforcement shall be done in a manner that strictly adheres to prevailing rules and regulations and that is reliable, wholesome, factual, timely, easily understood information will be freely available and directly accessible to those who will be affected by such decisions and their impartial enforcement.


  • Courtesy: We shall provide each customer with polite, courteous and respectful service.
  • Assistance: We shall attend to the needs of the customers.
  • Understanding: We shall make every effort to understand the needs and wishes of each customer and to provide as complete a solution as possible in accordance with these needs and wishes.
  • Presentation: We shall ensure that the Customer’s/Client’s visit experience, is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.


The strategic focus areas have been developed in alignment with the Ministry's key strategic challenges.These are:

1. Coordination

 2. Community Development

 3. People Focused

4. Enabling Legislative Environment

 5. Institutional Strengthening including Information Management Systems (IMS)

 6. Project/Programme Management

 7. Local Government Development

 8. Image Building and Public Relations



Hon. Sikhumbuzo  Dlamini

Principal Secretary:

Mrs Nonhlanhla Dlamini

Under Secretary: 

Mr. Zwakele N. Dlamini


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