International Cooperation (US-International Cooperation)


The mandate of the International Cooperation Department is to strengthen the Kingdom’s international platform, reinforcing its visibility abroad and promoting the country’s economic interests by encouraging and facilitating economic and technical co-operation with other countries, Regional and International Organizations. It is the responsibility of the department to plan, co-ordinate and oversee all Regional and International co-operation programs and initiatives.

International Cooperation

  1. Supervise the promotion of commercial and cultural diplomacy in our Missions abroad and oversee and contribute to the development of these activities


  1. Reconcile, manage and co-ordinate requests for support towards the election of country candidates to UN bodies and other international organizations, in line with Eswatini's national interests.
  2. Facilitate opportunities for training, up-skilling and capacity building for the public service within existing bilateral cooperation arrangements and further seek to secure new cooperation in this area.
  1. Monitor the implementation, by relevant institutions, of International Co-operation initiatives agreed by the country and development partners.
  2. Represent the country in statutory International Co-operation meetings and those of developing partner entities.
  3. Organize and co-ordinate the contributions and participation of local stakeholders in bilateral and multilateral co-operation and exchange with foreign governments and International Organizations/ Institutions.
  4. Inform the Kingdom of Eswatini’s Missions abroad and Foreign Missions accredited to Eswatini about socio-political, economic and other important developments in the country.
  5. Coordinate and chair preparatory meetings of the Joint Bilateral Commission for Cooperation (JBCC), as well as facilitate negotiations for the eventual signing of Joint Bilateral Commissions for Co-operation.
  6. Prepare, review and approve the technical content of country statements, presentations and speeches from the Throne, of the Prime Minister and Minister.
  7. Ensure regular processing and dispatching of communication from Eswatini’s Missions Abroad for immediate circulation to Government Ministries and other Organizations.

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