Legal Office

The Legal Office shall take charge of all legal matters and perform some of the functions as delegated by the Attorney-General as stated by the Constitution in Section 77 (6), and perform the following duties:-

  1. Give sound legal advice to the Ministry (including Missions) on any matter, including policy issues.
  2. Assist in the conceptualization and drafting of Local Agreements, Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding and International Agreements including Government Bills.
  3. Draw and/or peruse agreements, contracts, treaties, conventions and documents to which the Government is a party or in respect of which the Government has an interest and present same to the Attorney-General for approval.
  4. Provide in-house legal expertise on specific and general issues concerning international law.
  5. Advise other Ministries on issues related to international instruments, conventions, treaties, protocols and international agreements especially with information concerning the procedural steps to take with regards to ratification, accession and acceptance.
  6. Give guidance on treaty-implementation and reporting.
  1. Act as the critical gatekeeper and facilitator of governance with the view of identifying and managing potential legal threats and inherent challenges faced and or experienced by the Ministry.
  2. Play a more central role towards ensuring that the Administration makes informed decisions and potential solutions in responding to a crisis.
  3. Take an advisory role in disciplinary proceedings before the employing bodies such as the Civil Service Commission.
  4. Represent the Ministry, through instruction from the Attorney General’s office, on civil litigation in court and at the Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Commission and other such boards and further draft legislation related to the Ministry.

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