The purpose of this section is to provide quality services that are efficient and of excellent standard to all Ministries, Departments and individual  employees by formulating and implementing Human Resource Policies that enhance professional growth and improve the welfare of government employees.  This is done through ensuring the proper implementation of Human Resource Management Policies, Systems and Procedures.


  • To ensure that the approved Establishment staff complement is not exceeded in the public service.
  • To ensure adherence to regulating Policies and Procedures
  • To initiate, develop and review Human Resource Management Policies.
  • To develop mechanisms and systems to ensure optimum utilization of Human Resources in cadres under the Ministry.
  • To provide guidance to the Promotion Boards on policies and procedures pertaining to proper placement and deployment of competent and capable employees.
  • To create and maintain a database on Human Resource Information.
  • To ensure that Staff Performance Appraisal are carried out by line Ministries & Departments at the stipulated periods in the General Orders
  • To provide administrative support to Line Ministries
  • To improve the Health and Welfare of the Ministry staff
  • Secretariat to the Human Resource Cadre and Secretarial Cadre
  • Responsible for the Human Resource Cadre(training, deployment, and implementing all innovations in the HR field and Cadre)
  • To co-ordinate and implement changes in the Public Sector.


  • manual for HRMIS used modules
  • user ID form
  • Staff appraisal forms
  • All Circulars bordering on Government procedures related to the

Human Resource mandate and duties e.g.
a)    engagement of Officers
b)    date of birth
c)    movement/transfers between commissions
d)    Establishment circulars
e)    Finance circulars
f)    Government gazettes and legal notices for appointments

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