To create an enabling environment for young people to actively participate and contribute to the transformation and socio-economic development and good governance processes that shape the present and future destiny of the communities in which they live.


The department of youth affairs has the responsibility to facilitate the coordination and integration of programmes, service and activities geared towards youth development and recommending and designing programmes to enhance and propel youth development in Swaziland


Providing a conducive framework within which the youth will develop and change their mindset by effectively enhancing their full potential for developing socially, economically and politically through active participation to enhance sustainable development using suitable approaches and available resources


  • To provide support, lobbying and advocacy on all issues pertaining to the youth
  • To formulate policies and programmes and further provide professional guidance to the Swaziland National Youth Council on the implementation
  • To mobilize, secure and allocate financial resources to the SNYC for the coordination and implementation of the youth policies and programmes
  • To liaise with ministries and other national agencies engaged in the implementation of youth activities and further coordinate such activities
  • To supervise, monitor and evaluate the performance of the Swaziland National Youth Council
  • To integrate and harmonize youth development and empowerment programmes at national and local levels

Planned Activities:

  1. Review of the national youth policy
  2. Establish the SNYC through an Act of Parliament
  3. Conduct consultations on the ratification of the African Youth Charter
  4. Rolling out of the Youth Enterprise Fund
  5. Establish a youth multi-sect oral/ inter-ministerial committee
  6. Popularize the African Youth Charter
  7. Commemorate the International Youth Day
  8. Develop an operational manual for the youth enterprise fund
  9. Organize Regional Youth Forums
  10. Training of Youth Peer Educators
  11. Develop the implementation, motoring and evaluation system/ mechanism
  12. Strengthen regional youth coordination


United Nations Agencies, Commonwealth Secretariat, SADC, and African Union Commission 


SNYC, Tinkhundla Youth Associations, Development Consortium, Government Ministries, Parliament, Royal Swaziland Police and the HM Correctional Services

Director Bheki Thwala
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P. O. Box 4843
Direct line: 2404 8839
Fax: 2404 1333
Mobile: 76062212

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