The vision of the Industry Department is to have a vibrant and competitive industrial sector based on Swaziland’s comparative advantages with well-developed linkages with other productive sectors.

The mission of the Industry Department is to promote industrial development through formulating and implementing appropriate industrial development policies and strategies in order to provide an environment that promotes industrial vibrancy based on enterprise expansion and increased job opportunities.


The Industry Department is charged with the following responsibilities, namely:

  • Formulation and implementation of appropriate industrial development policies, strategies and programmes / projects;
  • Establishment, servicing and administration of industrial estates;
  • Decentralisation of the location of industrial estates from the main towns and cities, in order to spread and balance employment opportunities throughout the country; and,
  • Facilitating the creation of employment opportunities:

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P. O. BOX 451
Phone: +268 2404 3201/6
Fax: +268 2404 4711

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