Madrid, Spain


Excellencies, Honourable Ministers, 
Distinguished delegates, 
Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is my greatest honour to address the UN Climate Change Conference, and I bring with me warm greetings from His Majesty King Mswati III and Her Majesty the Queen Mother of the Kingdom of Eswatini. I would like to thank
 Chile as the Presidency and the host country Spain for generously hosting us here in Madrid, albeit at short notice.


Madam President,
 Let me begin by reminding this gathering that this COP is critical as it marks the
 beginning of a concrete implementation of the Paris Agreement in 2020. It is therefore critical that this COP delivers on key issues to operationalize the Paris Agreement. In addition, this COP should enhance ambition on mitigation, adaptation and finance to fast-track efforts towards a less than 2°C world. It is important to note that for countries in Southern Africa like Eswatini, the IPCC 1.5°C Report has highlighted that our countries are likely to become drier and drastically warmer, even under a 1.5 or 2°C of global warming scenario, hence 
enhanced ambition is a necessity for us.

We are calling for a fair, balanced and inclusive process in deliberating on issues in this COP taking into consideration the pressing developmental needs of developing countries especially African countries and the need for ecosystems to adapt naturally as articulated in Article 2 of the convention. 
Eswatini is deeply concerned of the lack of leadership from developed countries responsible for historical greenhouse gas emissions that have significantly contributed to their economic development. It is especially disheartening that some of these developed countries are opting for withdrawal from the Paris agreement while others are reluctant to be part of the Second commitment period of the Kyoto protocol. Such actions further worsen the current trajectory when it comes to attaining a world below 2°C.

The Kingdom of Eswatini therefore calls on developed countries to renew their commitments and demonstrate leadership in making the world a better place for present and future generations. Like most Developing countries Eswatini fully support the agenda of Cope 25.

Madam President, 
Adaptation is no longer an option but a necessity for developing countries as we are already battling impacts of climate change spanning from devastating typhoons, uncontrollable veld fires, deadly floods and resistant pests that threaten not only our environment and fragile ecosystems but also our very livelihoods. It is therefore important that this COP addresses both mitigation and adaption in a balanced manner. In addition, the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage (WIM) is a critical for addressing needs of developing countries related to loss and damage under the Convention and this COP should deliver on enhancing the effectiveness of the WIM as a mechanism of the Convention. Eswatini welcomes the USD 9.7 billion pledged by developed countries under the first replenishment period of the Green Climate Fund. However, this fall very short compared to the initial pledge of USD 10.2 billion and way below the USD 100 billion per year by 2020. Such funds are inadequate for the implementation of developing countries’ NDCs. In that regard, Eswatini calls for additional, adequate,
 predictable grant-based financial resources to enable developing countries to deliver on concrete mitigation and adaptation actions.
 Lastly Madam President, Eswatini wishes yourself and all delegations in this COP fruitful deliberations and we pledge our commitment towards a fruitful outcome. The world is watching Madam President and is counting on us to deliver on concrete decisions that will keep the global temperature way below 2°C and safe enough for future generations.

The Republic of Taiwan has been very instrumental in addressing the issues of climate change. Our prayers are for the admission of Taiwan and that the world will recognize the strides she has taken and admit her to such forums.

I thank you Madam President

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