At Cabinet Offices

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Your Royal Highnesses


Honourable Deputy Prime Minister

Honourable Ministers,

Presiding Officers and members of both Houses of Parliament

Learned Attorney General

Regional Administrator

Members of Royal Commissions and Boards

Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission Excellencies members of the Diplomatic Corps

Principal Secretaries

Captains of Industry

Senior Government Officials

Religious Leaders

Representatives of the media

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my singular honour and privilege to welcome to Hospital Hill all the newly appointed Ministers, their spouses and relatives and all our distinguished guests and well wishers.

We have just witnessed the swearing-in of Cabinet Ministers into office following their appointment by His Majesty King Mswati the Third. Let me from the onset pass my gratitude and appreciation to His Majesty for trusting us with the responsibility of leading this Executive arm of Government for the current term.

We thank His Majesty for his guidance and leadership in ensuring that National elections were conducted peacefully and in accordance with our Constitution. The role played by the Elections and Boundaries Commission in conducting a smooth election and transition is also greatly appreciated.

Today marks yet another important date in the history of this great nation. The Lion has roared and the nation has spoken on what is expected of us in the next five years. Now that Cabinet Ministers have been sworn-in, we are all expected to put shoulder on the wheel and deliver. Results do not just come with skill but with coherent effort and teamwork.

I take this opportunity to remind all of us in Cabinet on the need and importance of respecting and showing true allegiance to the Authorities of the Kingdom, the National Constitution and all emaSwati across the regions of our great nation.

As we begin our term in office, we accept the responsibility bestowed on us by Their Majesties and the Nation with the humility and commitment it deserves. We have before us a clear and unequivocal call by His Majesty and the Nation at Sibaya to take this country to higher heights through good and challenging times. Failure is not an option.

His Majesty has entrusted us with the responsibility to turn around the Eswatini economy, to foster unity of purpose and to leave no one behind towards attaining Vision 2022. We are called upon to shape the destiny of our country, to shine a light on sustainable development and to uplift the living standards of emaSwati through an all-inclusive, resilient and vibrant economy.

The challenge is undoubtedly tough, the road looks rugged and steep and some may doubt the resolve of emaSwati to harness the endless opportunities at our disposal in the midst of an ailing economy. But no challenge is insurmountable, no path laden with unbreakable barriers.

As a collective we have accepted this challenge with the full knowledge and conviction that the race to economic stability and social development will require all of us to be focused, selfless and display a high level of commitment and dedication to achieve excellence.

As a way forward, we will craft a programme of action for the term 2018-2023 which will serve as a roadmap towards achieving our priorities and goals as a nation. It will provide clear guidance on the strategies and directions we need to embark upon to turn around our economy and spur social development and cohesion.

We have not inherited a clean slate. A number of strategies are already in place from the previous Administration aimed at jolting the economy. We will review and refresh them where necessary, give them the impetus and wheels to move at high speed and in the right direction, while coming up with more streamlined plans and strategies to ensure public service delivery is prioritized and available resources are utilized effectively and efficiently.

This we cannot do in isolation. All hands must be on deck. We will rely on the support of emaSwati and our international friends and development partners as we surge forward. Eswatini is part of many regional and international bodies, and we will continue to strengthen our international presence and appeal. The economic, social and political stability of our region, continent and, of course, the globe will help us achieve our set goals within a stipulated time. We will continue working in harmony with international bodies and partners in pushing forward our development agenda.

The role of the private sector in development cannot be over-emphasized. It is through a vibrant private sector that incorporates both small and big enterprises that most nations have realized economic stability and development. I take this time to re-commit Government to work in close cooperation with our business partners in creating a business-friendly environment that is receptive to business growth and investment.

All efforts towards our national goals and aspirations will amount to nothing if we do not curb the scourge of corruption. His Majesty and the nation spoke in one voice at Sibaya, calling for immediate action against all found to have purged the national purse fraudulently. The net will close in for all the corrupt, and we will adopt a “zero tolerance” to corruption at all levels. I appeal to all emaSwati to assist Government is nailing the culprits so that they are brought before the law. Our resources as a country should be used for no other purpose than national development and stability.

Of particular importance is strengthening the working relations between the three arms of Government being the executive, legislature and judiciary. As Cabinet, we will foster a healthy and harmonious relationship between the three, conscious of the fact that any misunderstanding may have a negative effect in the pace of national development.

As I conclude, may I appeal to the nation to continue supporting Government as we move towards attaining our national Vision 2022. I personally appeal to the spouses and relatives of all members of Cabinet to stand with us all through this challenging but exciting journey of national service.

Thank you. May God bless us all.


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