Honourable Ministers

Chief Executive Officers from various companies in Particular;

  • Gerald Mahinda - MD of Kellogg Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Nick Jonsson, Chief Executive Officer of Johnson Workwear
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Air Liquide/Swazi Gases
  • MD of Clockwork Giant Clothing
  • MD of Avapharm
  • MD of R.M.E. Bullion
  • MD of Taiwanese Avocado Company

Principal Secretaries

Senior Government Officials

Captains of Industries

Members of the Media

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am honoured to welcome all of you this afternoon to this important investment brief.

This is a significant day for the Kingdom of Eswatini as we embark on a deliberate and necessary journey of attracting investment to boost economic growth. In taking this journey, we have intentionally put the openness of our country for business as our modus operanda. It is pleasing that today we are witnessing the unveiling of reputable companies who have shown confidence in our economy and country by opening and expanding their businesses here.

Eswatini has played host to a number of multinational companies for decades who continue to enjoy the favourable investment climate offered by the Kingdom.  As per the discourse we have had with some of them, they have taken advantage of our wide access to markets, cost effectiveness of our investment climate and the comfort of our sacred peace and stability.

Government has held a series of meetings with some of you present today in various instances where you expressed interest in establishing your businesses in the Kingdom of Eswatini.   

As we welcome all of you into our country, it is also encouraging to have among us companies who are already established in the Kingdom who have taken the wise decision of expanding their operations.

Today we celebrate the culmination of these prudent investment decisions with the assurance that they will provide a springboard for the private sector to expand its influence in the economic growth of the Kingdom.

I am aware that the chain of decision making within a global multinational firm goes through multiple levels, something which takes time and concerted effort. I, therefore, want to applaud the commitment, time and effort that you put to convince your Boards and Shareholders that indeed Eswatini has the requisite potential and capability to host your business establishments.

His Majesty’s Government is committed to ensuring that we keep our promise of supporting your business aspirations as you expand into the country. I have no doubt that you will encounter positive experiences in your daily operations which will, hopefully, turn you into key business ambassadors for the country, spreading the good news that the Kingdom of Eswatini is Africa’s new promise and is open to business.

This week we launched the country’s Strategic Roadmap which is a guide aimed at taking Eswatini back to the path of economic growth, policy certainty and stability. This strategy has many facets but is mainly geared towards private sector growth as the main vehicle to spearhead the creation of jobs, establishment of innovation driven industries and alleviation of poverty, among others.

The goal is to create a conducive environment for business to thrive and expand by streamlining business processes and improving market access as part of the ultimate objective of being an export driven economy.   Your companies are well positioned to reap the benefits of this forward looking strategy.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I am indeed honoured this afternoon to be part of this historical unveiling of these business projects which are a testimony of the capability and potential of Eswatini to become the regional hub of global corporate giants.

My gratitude goes to officials from the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority for the role they have played in this process, and to all our stakeholders who are diligent in ensuring that these most welcome investments see the light of day.

I believe that with an accelerated pace of investment promotion we will surely find ourselves on the right track towards realising Vision 2022, and we are most likely to see more projects of this magnitude in the future. 

May I, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, warmly welcome all of these Corporate entities represented here today into the Kingdom of Eswatini.

Thank you. May God bless us all.

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