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To keep the Head of State informed and advised on the Government operations in order to improve good governance and sound leadership. This will be achieved through the articulation of the Government Vision, Coordination of Public Policies and Government Communication, the management of the operations of the Public Service, State Security, the Maintenance of Law and Order and the enactment of appropriate legislation. The Prime Minister’s office is also committed to the improvement and maintenance of a high quality of life of the citizens of the Kingdom of Swaziland.


"The Mission of the Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini is to provide a climate and infrastructure that will progressively improve the quality and security of life of the people of Swaziland and make the best use of the country's natural and human resources".


The post of the Prime Minister is a constitutional and political office that is established under the King's Order in Council No.1 of 1992, which is also known as "The Establishment of the Parliament of Swaziland Order, 1992". Section 50 (1) of the Order provides that "There shall be a Prime Minister who shall be appointed by the King from among members of the House".

The objectives of the Prime Minister's  Office  are tabulated below:


  • To head government and chair meetings;
  • To consult with and keep His Majesty the King briefed on the general conduct and any other matter relating to the Government of Swaziland
  • To provide leadership in setting out and articulating the Government vision an in formulating Government policies and programmes;
  • To ensure the coordinatioin, supervision and proper management of public affairs by all Ministries and Departments

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