• Cartography


    This section provides Cartographic and drafting services to the various sections of the Department. It is also responsible for the safe keeping and sale of the various publications to the public.

  • Contact Us -Geology


    The Geological Survey Department

    Corner Mdada / Dzeliwe Streets

    P O Box 9

    Tel: 24042411

    Fax: 24045215


  • Drilling Geology


    This section provides drilling services to various sections of the Department. Groundwater boreholes for private and public institutions are also drilled through the Hydrogeology Unit.

  • Geological Services


    The department offers the following services to the public:

    1. Map sales:
    2. Journals and publications for sale:
    3. Laboratory services:
  • Laboratory Geology


    The function of the chemical laboratory is to do analysis of a wide range of geological material as well as research and development of new analytical techniques. Currently most chemical analyses are carried out using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) after nitric acid digestion.


    (i) Water quality analysis of groundwater samples.
    (ii) Chemical analysis of rocks, soil and stream sediment samples from exploration and mapping programmes.
    (iii) Preparation of thin and polished sections for mineral identification.
    (iv) Provision of analysis / identification of minerals to interested parties.

  • Mapping Geology


    Geological mapping is an ongoing activity of the department.

    The geological mapping section is currently revising the geological and structural maps of the country with the view of updating them.

    The country has been mapped at the following scales:

    All these publications are available in analogue format

    Current Activities

    Future activities

  • Seismology Geology


    The department is presently involved in a project that will help improve the capturing of seismic data and minimize the reliance on information sourced from the Council for Geoscience in South Africa (CGS) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Five seismic stations have been strategically placed across the country in Motshane, Mzimpofu, Gege, Lavumisa and Mananga. The data will not only assist the country but will also contribute to improved regional data collection.

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