The Quality Assurance Program has been established and allocated office at National level. In the new MOH Organizational structure, the program has been included and a Deputy Directorate position proposed. The QA approach has a positive impact in the improvement of service delivery within the health care system in the country. The Program was established by the Ministry in 2006 October in collaboration with partners as one of the approaches by the ministry to improve service delivery in the health care systems.

The Quality Assurance program continues to extend its activities to other areas in the health care system. The program is implemented in seventeen health facilities in all the four regions both private and public health facilities. It embraces all activities within the Ministry. The Ministry has identified ten (10) health facilities comprising of two hospitals two health centres and six clinics for rolling out the program. Correspondence has been sent to the facilities and some logistics are now in place. 

Key Milestones
Quality improvement facility assessments to six hospitals made Mbabane, Pigg’s Peak, Mankayane, Hlatikulu Government hospitals and RFM and Good Shepherd Mission hospitals. Reports compiled.

During facility assessments, reinforcement of the quality assessment team with members from Partners to focus on infection prevention and control service element and Ministry of health focal person was ensured. Performance indicators for this service in the previous assessments showed a very poor performance in all the health facilities yet infection prevention and control is a cornerstone for health care system. Partners are mainly from Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) and Doctors without Boarders. 

There is some progress in hospital standards achieved. SWASA released a Notice in print media for “Public Review Stage” on the 29/01/2011. The document is now available and comments are submitted to SWASA organization through their website. and the Public Review Stage will go on for 60 days with effect from 1st February 2011.

A customer care program was initiated in most health facilities and is proving to be very effective. Customer Care Officers (CCO) with terms of reference  were appointed and trained. Most health facilities are continuing with the CCO program however, few challenges need to be addressed. A review and further assessments on ways for strengthening the programme are ongoing and challenges are being addressed systematically.

The draft QA strategic plan is still with other stakeholders for their input and improvement of the strategy. The development of draft policies and procedures achieved for: facilities and mortuaries operational policies and protocols, health awards, final survey, facility accreditation and injection safety.

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