Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR)

The Emergency Preparedness and Response Department (EPR) is the Ministry of Health's vital public service that coordinates and delivers pre- hospital medicine, epidemic preparedness and response and disaster risk management for health to victims of sudden and serious illness or injury. The EPR system depends on the availability and coordination of many different elements, ranging from an informed public capable of recognizing medical emergencies to an efficient toll free-line (977), fully equipped Advanced Life Support Ambulances, Skilled Personnel and a network of trauma centers capable of providing highly specialized care to the most seriously ill or injured.


This is in line with the National Health Sector Strategic Plan (NHSSP) aims at enhancing the MOH Emergency, Epidemic and Disaster Preparedness and Response capacity at all levels in order to prevent and respond effectively and in a timely manner, to both natural and man-made health emergencies including outbreaks. The EPR system is a multi-tiered system of an integrated solution of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Response, Emergency Communication Centre (977) and Health Services for Disasters (H4D)

Table 2.10. Dashboard On Key Performance Indicators for EPR

Thematic Area Indicator Name Baseline Target Actual Output Status
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) % of response time per 8 minutes in Urban Settings 25 Minutes 8 Minutes 10 Minutes  
% of response time per 14 minutes Rural ® settings 45 Minutes 14 Minutes 35 Minutes  

% response time per 30 minutes for HEMS

0 0 0


Emergency Dispatch Centre (ECC -977)

% Response rate/2 seconds of all calls

2 Minutes 2 seconds 5 seconds  
% Dispatch Rate/4 Minutes of all Alpha, Bravo and Omega calls 30 Minutes 4 Minutes 5 -20 Minutes  
Epidemic and Pandemic Diseases Immediate Disease Notification System (IDNS) established and functioning Non

IDNS System established

(100% reporting)

IDNS System established

(80% reporting)

Disaster Risk Management for Health % of Hospitals/Health Facility meeting Hospital Safety Index Standard. 10% 50% 10%  
Country Capacity Assessment Conducted and risks mapped. 0 1 0  

 Programme Manager:

Masitsela Mhlanga
Tel: +268 2416 3626

Website ; www.epr.org.sz

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