• Responsible for Planning, Managing and Monitoring Government’s capital investment programme as well as guide the formulation and revision of policy.
  • Responsible for tracking the comprehensive review and analysis of the country’s economic developments, with the aim of providing macro-economic policy advice to Government.

  • Responsible for the Mobilization and Management of External Assistance for the implementation of various programmes and projects within and outside government.

  • Responsible for effectively coordinating the National Statistical System, collect, analyze and, provide quality statistical information required for evidence-based policy, planning and decision making.

  • Responsible for capacity building and empowerment of beneficiary communities through the process of training and direct disbursement of funds for the establishment of self- help infrastructure projects.

  • Responsible for Coordinating the Implementation of the PRSAP, undertake poverty assessments, establishing the National Poverty Monitoring Forum and disseminating information on poverty reduction initiatives.

  • Responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of all development programmes in the country with the purpose of ensuring that the capital programme delivers the desired effects and has the net positive impact on the intended beneficiaries.

  • Responsible for Coordinating the Preparation, Implementation, Review, Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Population Policy.

    Responsible for the planning, implementation and management of the Millennium Projects.

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