National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP)

As a low malaria transmission country, Swaziland is among the four Southern African countries identified by the African Union (AU) Health Ministers and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to be able to achieve malaria elimination. Malaria elimination is a top priority in the national development agenda and the national health policy. In April 2011, Cabinet approved a national elimination policy, a document outlining the guiding principles necessary to achieve elimination. The government financial commitment has sustained large scale programme implementation over the years.

Key Performance Indicators for National Malaria Control Programme

Thematic Area Indicator Name Target Actual Output

Status (Highlight

Colour )

Case Management Proportion of malaria cases confirmed by RDT and/or microscopy 100% 100%  
Case Management Percentage of all RDT and /or microscopy diagnosed cases are treated according to National Diagnosis and Treatment guidelines.



Percentage of confirmed cases investigated within 7 days of diagnosis

98% 85%  
Vector Management Percentage of Active foci responded to with appropriate vector control interventions 100% 33%  

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