24 JUNE, 2020



Principal Secretary – Mr. Maxwell Masuku

ESCCOM Chief Executive – Mr. Mvilawemphi Dlamini

Managing Director – EPTC Mr. Petros Dlamini

Communications Department Director – Mr. Andreas Dlamini


Media Houses Representatives

Ladies and gentlemen, may I take this opportunity to welcome you all to this important Press Conference. First and foremost, I must highlight that part of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology’s mandate includes inter alia:

  • Providing an efficient national information, communications and technology delivery framework for citizens
  • Encouraging knowledge management through universal access to information, with well developed, efficient and affordable communications facilities.

In 2014, the Ministry introduced the process of digital migration whereby the country had to switch from the analogue way of broadcasting to digital broadcasting in adherence to the June 2015 deadline that was set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Conference in Geneva in 2006. Set-top-boxes (bo-Sgujana) were first introduced at E550 per box.  However, Government took a stand to drastically subsidize them and they ended up being two hundred and fifty Emalangeni (E250) per set top box within a short space of time making them more affordable to the public.

Ladies and gentlemen, as a country we are currently faced with perilous times and Government is working 24/7 to find ways and means to curb the scourge of the Corona Virus which has drastically affected our livelihood.  The best ammunition therefore is to rigorously use the print and electronic media to disseminate information that is up to date on preventive measures about the Virus.

It is in this premise that the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology in collaboration with the Regulator (Eswatini Communications Commission) deemed it fit to make the Set Top Boxes affordable to the public by reducing the price yet again from Two Hundred and Fifty Emalangeni (E250) to only One Hundred Emalangeni (E100). I must commend  ESCCOM for coming up with the sponsorship of six hundred thousand Emalangeni (E600,000)  thus making this huge subsidy possible. We are hopeful that this will also go a long way in assisting more leaners to have access to lessons through the ongoing radio and television lessons that were introduced in the beginning of the partial lockdown as local schools had to be shut down.

We would also like to pass our sincere gratitude to EPTC who have been our main distribution partner from day one. The Parastatal has assured us that the set-top-boxes are available in all post offices country wide as we speak. However, the stock is limited. 

Through the sgujana platform, one is able to receive, Eswatini TV, Channel Yemaswati, EBIS 1 and 2, VOC 1 and 2, France 24 and DW TV. Plans to open up more channels are in the pipeline. Emaswati are therefore urged to get their set top boxes ”while stocks last”. Customers can call the number 2404 6440 for questions about installation and signal problems or use the WhatsApp self help number which is 78559759.

In conclusion, let us remember to adhere to the guidelines from the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization by regularly washing our hands with soap and running water or using hand sanitizers; wearing face masks and practice social distancing.



Inkhosi Ayibe Natsi Sonkhe Sisalwa Nalomkhuhlane!!














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