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Current mandate, objectives, roles and function of the department.

Department's customers and stakeholders

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The Management Services Division (MSD) was created by Establishment Circular No. 8 of 1971 following a recommendation to establish such a section by Chief Udoji who was commissioned to review the training and localization of the Swaziland Civil Service. The division was established as a unit under the then Department of Establishment and Training, which was part of the Prime Minister's Office.

The Management Services Unit (MSU) was established for the purpose of obtaining data regarding the deployment and the utilization of common cadre personnel with the object of rationalizing the arrangements for the recruitment, selection, training, deployment as well as encouragement of career development. Furthermore, the Unit was responsible for reviewing the organization, and the procedures and programmes for the then Department of Establishment and Training (including the Staff Training Institute) and the personnel management activities in all ministries and departments.

The Management Services Unit (MSU) changed to being a Management Services Division (MSD) through a recommendation that was made by the Wamalwa Commission in 1976. The main objective for the change of the status from being a unit to a division was to widen the scope of work for the unit to cover the control of the size of the civil service which was rapidly growing.

In 1986, again the size and responsibilities of the MSD increased with the creation of the Research and Development section within the division. The main purpose for creating this section was to monitor through research and surveys, the relative position of the Government's terms and conditions of service in the economy by observing salary trends, pay rates and schemes of service in the private and other sectors, and keeping various government allowances under review.

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The current mandate of the MSD is to assist in finding solutions to problems encountered by Principal Secretaries of Ministries and Heads of Department in terms of productivity, lack of motivation, organization, staffing numbers, quality of staff, job grading, and systems and procedures. In carrying out this mandate, MSD is to be guided by the Government's policy of having a right sized and efficient public service or what used to be called a "leaner and more efficient civil service"


To be a client-oriented management services division for government and Parastatals in accomplishing and preserving a highly enabled work environment for the effective and efficient service delivery.


The Division's Mission is:-

To strive for efficiency, effectiveness and excellence in:

· Commitment and service to clients

· Career fulfilment of its staff

· Improved Performance of the civil service

· Proper and adequate service to the public


The objectives of the Department are:-

· To control the size of the civil service, the rate of pay and to improve its overall quality.

· To create a civil service that is service delivery oriented.

· To advise Principal Secretaries, Heads of Department, parastatals on issues of management services.

· Ensure productivity, motivation, organization, work quality, training and job grading as well as staff inspection.

· Monitoring of wage bill and management of staffing levels.

· To establish a robust Performance Management System and ensure it is effectively utilized.

· Periodical review of salaries and allowances for government.

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The division has internal and external clients. The internal clients are all the departments or sections that are within the Ministry. These are the division's clients in that they require advice on issues related to their fields of work. These are issues such as the terms and conditions of service for the Terms and Conditions section and the utilization of staff for the Personnel section.
The division's external clients are the Ministries and Departments who require assistance in terms of any problems they have with their operations or staffing matters.

The expectations of our clients or customers are as listed below:

  • Acknowledgement of their requests for assistance
  • Quick investigations and an immediate response to their requests
  • A positive response to all their requests
  • Courtesy and integrity
  • Expertise and
  • Information on the range of activities that we provide services on


MSD Schemes of Service

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