Mission Statement

The Valuation Section of The Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy undertakes the appraisal and valuation of government fixed assets which are mainly land and buildings on behalf of government departments for various purposes.

Functions and Activities.
1. Providing Real Estate consultancy services to all government departments;
2. Monitoring the Valuation profession in the kingdom to meet international standards;
3. Ensuring the staffing of the section with qualified people in the valuation profession to ensure quality output at all times.

In line with the constitution, the section aims to promote government objectives of economic development and good governance by rendering expert built environment services to client ministries on all matters of acquisitions, disposals and leasing of government fixed assets (land and buildings).

In pursuant of this objective, the section endeavors to:

1. Provide expert advice on matter relating to valuation of property for expropriation, purchase, sale and rental;
2. Provide strategic leadership to the Valuation Profession in the country.

The following are the section's guiding principles;

All aspects of our work are guided by the need to improve service delivery to client ministries
The section endeavors to be transparent in all dealings and rejects all forms of malpractice.
All tasks are attended to timously and diligently.

Chief Property Valuer: Mr. Moses S. Mpila
Postal Address: P.O. Box 57
Physical Address: Income Tax Building
Fourth Mbabane
Telephone: +268 2404 5546 +268 24042644
Fax Number:  
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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